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Waters micromass ZQ


Waters Micromass ZMD Single Quadrupole LCMS System


Waters Micromass Q-Tof Premier Mass Spectrometer


Waters Micromass Z-Spray APCI Probe M955164DC1 +Installation & Spares Kits NEW


Waters Micromass MALDI Micro MX


Waters® Micromass ® PCI TDAT PCB Card with TDAT Cable


Micromass Electron Ionization source APCI GC/MS Mass spectroscopy electro-spray


Micromass MA4162 Waters Twig 8 Way Control Box 4162001DC1 Boards Spectrometer


Waters Micromass Q-Tof 2/Quattro Ultima 4000 AMV Generator N952003a N952003


Waters Micromass Q-Tof Micro - M955550DC6 Spray Source Assembly 1C0


Edwards EXT 70 / 70 / 200 NRB423001 Turbomolecular Pump Micromass LCT Premier


Waters Micromass Q-Tof micro Mass Specrometer


Waters Micromass Q-Tof Micro - M970340DC1 RF Generator and Quad/Hex Assy 1C0


Micromass Qtof 2 Ultima MA3983-200L1D 3983200D01PL Backplane Motherboard Q-TOF




Micromass/Waters Ion Gauge VIG 8 KF40, Micromass 6060920


Waters Micromass ZQ 3961210DC A/D PCB


Waters 2488 Micromass Detector


Fisons/ Micromass Platform 2 parts lot


Waters Micromass Q-TOF API US N920231A Board


Micromass/Waters MA 3548 Caesium Gun Applied Kilovolt HP35/39 Power Supply


Micromass / Waters Quattro Ultima - Fully Tested


Micromass/Waters Z-Spray Desolvation Heater


Waters Micromass N920204A Mass Scan Control PCB ASSY Curcuit Board


Waters Micromass ZQ MA3961-232P1D Main Board


Waters Micromass ZMD PSU CA600 28G, 24D Power Supply 600W - PN: 700000270


Micromass/Waters Autospec M-series Septum Reservoir Assembly M702956BC1


Waters Micromass LCT Premier LC TOF Control Power Board 4058200DC WT0832001H


Waters Micromass LCT Premier Spectrometer LC TOF Control Power Board 4058200DC


Micromass TOF Precision Instruments ISA 3.6 GHZ TDC


Micromass Quattro II LC/MS/MS


Waters CapLC Autosampler 725001000 Micromass CapLC Pump 186000820